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BEADS 6MM 25pk

Fish Eye Tackle

  • $ 159

Our quality plastic beads offer the size and color selection to change up your rig. Beads are the one constant in a walleye rig. While blades are spinning, creating vibration and flash, the bead doesn't spin and creates the constant color in the rig setup.

The bead is what will space the clevis the right distance from the hook to prevent the blade from interfering with the hookup. Of course, the use of rig floats and other flash attractors will determine the distance between the clevis and hook.

As a rule of thumb, (six) #6 beads alone will put the ideal distance between the blade clevis and hook when using a #5 - #6 Indiana or Colorado blade. Use more for smaller beads and less for larger beads or blade combinations.

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