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2 Pack #5 Colorado UV Harness 2 Hooks w/holder fits Plano 3600 box

Fish Eye Tackle

  • $ 879

Our own two pack rigs arrive wrapped on leader holder that fit's Plano 3600 utility boxes.

Quick change clevis allows easy blade changes!
Includes 6mm Flash ring,  stack and round spacer beads, Eagle Claw Laser Sharp hooks on approximate 70" leader. 

Choose from blade combination:
* UV Vivid Green & Vivid Yellow with glow bead located directly under the blade. 
* UV Nickel w/ Blue Spackle & Chartreuse w/ Orange Spackle with glow bead under blade
* UV Green w/ Black Spackle & Yellow w/ Orange Spackle with glow bead under blade with glow bead under blade

* UV Spider Orange & Yellow Fade with glow bead under blade
* UV Spider Green Fade & Black with glow bead under blade

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