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Durable Powder Coated 5/8 oz BLADE Baits

Fish Eye Tackle

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* Thick powder coat baked on paint for durability
* 2nd clear powder coat baked on for extra protection
* 3-D Eyes
* VMC #4 clip in hooks
* 4 in 1 package design allows you to adjust for stained to clear water and bright to
   sunny conditions. Cut die cuts in half length ways to allow for less flash & more
   body color. 
* Golden salmon color fades from golden to semi-transparent golden around lead
   and eye to add contrast to the body. 

3 pair DIE CUTS INCLUDED on NON-Glitter bodies:
Blade                       Die Cuts
MIdnight black      Moon Jelly, Glow, Silver Holographic Prism
Pearl White            Black Holo Prism, Silver Holo Prism, Moon Jelly
Chartreuse Sun     Black Holo Prism, Silver Holo Prism, Gold Holo Prism
Golden Salmon     Black Holo Prism, Glow, Moon Jelly
Purple Shimmer    Red Holo Prism, Silver Holo Prism, Moon Jelly

Replacement  VMC Clip-in hooks available. 
Click here for clip in hooks

WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects and other reproductive harm.

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