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My first blog

Posted by Rod Nolan on

You may recognize the train bridge crossing the Snake River by Burbank Wa. If not, then you need to visit the Tri-Cities area where the state record 20.32 lb walleye was caught in 2014.

My interest in walleye came from the inspiration of three great guys that are no longer with us. Grandpa Al Spencer and a good friend Rodger Marlow. I don't know of anybody that lived to chase walleye as much as those two.

I have spent many hours trolling the bridge area in the picture you see on the top of our home page with Grandpa Al. If your from the Tri-Cities, then I know you have spent some time there as well. You know the far side by the old metal salvage yard.

I met Rodger Marlow back several years ago when he owned uncle Walt's tackle. Between Grandpa Al and Rodger, I learned everything I know about walleye tackle. Unfortunately, the catching part never stuck, but the thrill of the chase did.

A career change came up in late 2014 and my wife and I relocated to Vancouver Wa. During this period of time, the company I worked for, Griggs and the Tri-Cities Ace stores, had lost a long time supplier of specialty walleye tackle. While there are plenty of quality brands of walleye tackle with a large selection, they just didn't fill the gap.

So, in early 2016, we decided it was time to take a passion and over 15 year idea of starting our own, small tackle company. This would fill the gap in the Tri-Cities area and Eastern Washington.

So, today, here we are. Fish Eye Tackle. I have to be honest, the influence came from many people. Grandpa Al, Roger Marlow, Clair Cranston, Tom Moore, Charles Grigg and many in the sports industry trade in which I worked.

Tom probably doesn't know he was an influence, but having the opportunity to work with him, allowed a lot of walleye to rub off on me. Tom is one guy with a passion for walleye and sharing his knowledge like no other. And Charles Grigg, what does he know about walleye fishing, not much, but he pushed me in retail for the last 32 years and made me be the best I could be. Clair Cranston, well, if your from the Tri-Cites and an outdoorsman, you have heard of Clair. Clair's outlook on the outdoors made me look at the outdoors and appreciate the opportunities like never before. He believed in treating the outdoors with respect and stood up for what he believed in no matter the consequence.

Thank you Charles and Charlie, look forward to a continued relationship even though I am on the other side of the state!

The biggest influence in my product selection of blade colors, patterns, sizes and components came directly from working with customers on the sales floor at Griggs for over 32 years. And not to forget all of the outdoor sporting goods manufacture reps I have had the opportunity to work with over the years.

Grandpa Al, Clair and Roger are no longer here, but I often remember all the tips and inspiration they provided to me.  Tom can be found Monday - Tuesday at Griggs and he loves to talk fishing. When Tom isn't at work, you more than likely will run into him on the water.

Please support you local hometown retailers, they work hard for you!

Soon you will find Fish Eye Tackle product at Griggs and the Tri-Cities Ace stores and other small tackle shops in your area. If you don't have a local tackle shop with out product, then bookmark our website.

Well that's enough for one day. Just appreciate everybody that stops by and visits our site.

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